HAPPY PEOPLE ACTORS was founded in 1990 by Stella Bousiou. All these years we have collaborated and continue to cooparate with the major advertising companies, TV channels, TV productions and movies.

With a deep knowledge of the art world we represent children, teenagers, adults, supporting actors, dancers, athletes, musicians, celebrities and models of all ages.

HAPPY PEOPLE ACTORS, among others, has a special section with Greek actors, whom it represents with the care, consistency and security offered by our company.

Our goal is to meet the requirements of our customers, but also the pleasure and creativity of the people we represent.

Do you have the script? We have the faces!


Maximos Karras is the Casting Director of HAPPY PEOPLE ACTORS. With a rich professional background since 1989 in well known TV and film productions in Greece and abroad, Maximos is a valuable addition to our team and a key person for your project’s successfull outcome.